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How to Get Started in Kayak Fishing

November 13 2022 – Team Rogue Endeavor RE

How to Get Started in Kayak Fishing - RogueEndeavor
How to Get Started in Kayak Fishing - RogueEndeavor

Kayak fishing is a great way to get out on the water and enjoy a day of fishing. It is a relatively new sport, but it is gaining in popularity for a variety of reason. If you are thinking about getting started in kayak fishing, there are a few things you need to know.

What is kayak fishing?

Kayak fishing is simply fishing from a kayak. A kayak is a small, lightweight boat that is easy to maneuver in the water. Kayaks are usually paddled, but some kayaks have pedal drives. This was originated by Hobie, but now most major manufactures offer some kind of pedal drive, and it is considered the best fishing kayak as it free's up your arms for fishing.

What do I need to start kayak fishing?

To get started in kayak fishing, you will need a kayak, a paddle, a fishing rod, and some fishing tackle - pretty basic, right? You may also want to purchase a fishing kayak seat or a fishing kayak crate to store your gear.

Where can I go kayak fishing?

Kayak fishing can be done in many different places. You can fish in lakes, rivers, and even the ocean.

What are the benefits of kayak fishing?

There are many benefits to kayak fishing. Kayaks are very versatile and can get into places that other boats cannot. They are also very affordable and easy to transport.

What are the challenges of kayak fishing?

The main challenge of kayak fishing is staying dry and comfortable. Kayaks are small and can tip over easily, so you need to be careful. You also need to be aware of the weather and water conditions.

How do I get started in kayak fishing?

If you are interested in kayak fishing, the best way to get started is to find a local kayak fishing club or group. There are also many online resources that can help you get started.

How to get started in kayak fishing

If you are interested getting started in kayak fishing, there are many resources available. There are many websites and forums dedicated to kayak fishing, and there are even kayak fishing clubs that you can join. Our recommendation is start on YouTube. From here, research your local kayak fishing specialty store and see if they offer group outing.

You will also need to familiarize yourself with the local regulations, particularly as kayak fishing can enable you to reach water that you might not otherwise. Lakes (and other 'still water') is considered the best playground for learning. As you advance, Rivers and Streams offer another level of adventure thanks to changing currents and water levels. The elite level of kayak angling is commonly considered kayak fishing in the ocean - as it includes the most variables (and dangers).

Again, pay particular attention to the likely water your will be fishing in - your needs on a large bass lake are very different than trolling for salmon in the ocean.

Once you have clarified where you intend to fish, and for what, you're ready to start rigging.

How do you rig a kayak for fishing?

Once you’ve found the perfect kayak, you’ll need to outfit it with the necessary gear.

There are a few essential items that every kayak angler needs: a fishing kayak, a paddle, a life jacket, and a fishing license. After these essentials items, you’ll also need to purchase a few kayak fishing accessories.

Key items to consider includes fishing rod holders, fishing rod leashes and a crate. These are essentials for virtually any angler regardless of style.

Another good investment is a fish finder. A fish finder will help you locate fish in the water and determine the best place to cast your line. Don't underestimate the value of a good fish finder on a kayak.

When you’re just getting started in kayak fishing, it’s important to keep it simple. Outfitting your kayak with too much gear can be overwhelming and may take away from the enjoyment of the sport. Start with the essentials and then gradually add more kayak fishing accessories as you become more experienced.

Tips for kayak fishing

Here are a few tips to help you get started in kayak fishing:

Additional outfitting:

Kayak fishing is a gear-intensive sport. Once you have your basic set up, you'll likely need to outfit it further with the proper gear. Assuming you have the essentials (again: the Yak, a Life Preserver, Fishing rod & tackle) put some thought into your target species: If you are bass fishing or other 'Catch & Release' styles, your focus can be on gear storage and gear retention. Keep things neat and tidy in the kayak can be a challenge. If you are fishing for game fish, pay special attention to Game Retention (what will you do with the fish once you've caught it).


A GPS can be helpful in keeping track of your location and finding your way back to your starting point

A fishing license. In all states (except Hawaii), you will need a fishing license to fish from a kayak. Check with your state's fish and wildlife department to find out what type of license you need.

Launch your kayak:

When you are ready to go fishing, you will need to launch your kayak. Make sure to launch from a safe location and be aware of your surroundings. If you are launching into Rivers or the Ocean, be especially sure to secure every piece of equipment. Rod Leashes, Pedal Drive clips and Paddle Lanyards are must have's.


Don't forget that your are going out into the wild kayaking. Bring water, food and weather-specific protection like sunscreen and a hat, or a jacket and gloves.

Dry storage:

You will want to keep your valuables and electronics safe and dry while you are kayak fishing. Be sure to invest in a good dry bag.

Safety gear:

A whistle, flares and a first-aid kit are essential safety gear for any kayak fishing trip.

With these tips, you will be well on your way to enjoying kayak fishing.