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Rogue Endeavor Kayak Fishing Stringer

The "Game Hook"...

Frustrated with lost fish (like, multiple, large, beautiful Chinook Salmon two different times), pinched fingers and imaging a potential solution, we grabbed a couple pints and a napkin and set to task.

In 2016 we launched into developing the first dedicated Kayak Fishing Stringer, and after a number of prototypes we had a working model. 

Finding premium surgical grade steel, working tirelessly to find the perfect 'bend' in the locking mechanism, and then pairing it with a lanyard. Sound easy? It's not. Like most meaningful product, only time trial and testing can lead to success and we're continually improving it even today. 

Today we're on 'Version 4' of the Heavy Duty Game Hook and it’s the #1 Stringer in the market.